Coombe Vale By-election – Labour candidates announced

Labour candidates

Ian Parker and Nick Bown

The Labour Party has announced that its candidates for the Coombe Vale double by-election on 15 December 2011 will be Nick Bown and Ian Parker.

Nick Bown has lived in New Malden all his life, works in publishing and volunteers at a local homelessness shelter. His campaign states his concern about “the impact that the Tory-Lib Dem Government’s cuts to police” will have on the area.
Ian Parker has lived in the Groves for over ten years. He is an advisor to Labour Shadow Ministers in Parliament and has highlighted the “Tory-Lib Dem Health Bill, now threatening health and care services in Kingston” as a key issue.
The Labour candidates have started their campaign by pointing out that the by-election caused by the resignation of two Conservative councillors 18 months into the council term will cost local taxpayers £25,000.
Further details on Nick Bown and Ian Parker can be found on the Kingston Labour Party website .
Details of the candidates standing in the double by-election can be found on the Coombe Vale election page.

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